Inspirational, professional & enthusiastic career coach!

I was working for a great company for almost 7 years but decided that, for my best interest, I should switch jobs. Easier said then done as I had a great relationship with my colleagues and I was still very much enjoying my job. Months passed by and I got a bit demotivated to apply for a new job, especially as the online vacancies I read did not attract my real attention.

At that time Denise was working as a company recruiter and knew that I had plans to switch jobs so she asked me about it. I was willing to get into details and show my true face as she showed great interest in me as a person and in my situation.

The conversation we had, had a big impact on me. It got me enthusiastic for new companies and new roles and most importantly I was motivated again to continue my search. How did she manage that? Her enthusiasm for careers in general and specifically for my potential career got me enthusiastic!

I pro-actively continued my search, using her tips and tricks and market insight. I’ve actually been in contact with a few potential employers via her network. The pro-active approach helped me eventually when I randomly contacted the recruiter of an interesting company (my current employer!), I got invited for a job interview.

During my contract negatiations Denise guided me with professional advice so that I was able to negotiate a great, satisfing offer.

I would recommend anyone to make use of a career coach and I would definitely recommend to contact Denise!

Thomas Duyndam
I was struggling to figure out what I wanted in life. Denise asked me just the right questions to get me my answers. She pulled me out of my comfort zone and made me look at things in a different perspective. In the end, the answers are within myself, she just helped me look for them. I left feeling much more confident about my capabilities and I had a better idea of what my next steps will be.

Lilian de Vrueh